Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Cultural Day

Room 12's Cultural Day

Yesterday we had a great time celebrating World Cultural Day.
We loved looking at everyone in their national costumes and colours.


We enjoyed watching the performances from the Kapa Haka group and the Chinese Dance Group as well as singing together as a school.


We also spent time sharing our knowledge with our Year 2 buddies. 
They told us about Middle Eatern culture and we did some activities with them.

Last of all we had a shared lunch!
It was delicious and we loved trying different food from around the world.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Rakau Sticks

Kia Ora!

Last week, as part of our cultural experiences, Room 12 used the rakau sticks and enjoyed following patterns and singing along with the traditional Maori song E Papa Waiari. It was tricky mastering the patterns and passing the rakau, but we didn't give up and we had a lot of fun!

Welcome to Samoa!


Room 12 were lucky enough to try on authentic Samoan lavalavas and dresses. The children loved wearing them for the morning and looking at the colourful fabric, patterns and leis.

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day:

The children loved writing about and painting their mums - Come into the
classroom and read their stories!

Wednesday, 27 March 2019



This week we have been reading Bubbles during shared reading.

Mrs Barrington bought her bubble machine to school, along with bottles of bubble mixture and the children had a lot of fun blowing and catching the bubbles.

The bubbles went:  up
and then they went: down

Then they went POP!

Room 12 loved trying to catch and pop the bubbles.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Play dough and more

Today we got some new play dough equipment.
The children loved exprimenting with all the different cutters and utensils.
It was great to listen in on the conversations at the table.

The children were: rolling, pulling, stretching, pinching and squeezing - all great activities for developing fine motor skills.


The children were taking turns and sharing, they were using their imagination and there was even a cookie factory and a dinosaur cave!


Meanwhile, in another part of the classroom ... there was a contruction company busy building a jail, a dinosaur zoo and all sorts of other bits and bobs!


 Once again lots creativity, designing, sharing and negotiating going on!