Sunday, 2 December 2018

VAS Athletics Day

VAS Athletics Day

The rain stayed away and we had a great sports day.
We loved doing all the activities but our favourite was when the mums and dads joined in too!
The sprints were pretty awesome as well, with lots of children from Room 12 getting into the semis and the finals.
Well done Tessa - 1st place and Katie 2nd place in the Year1 girls sprints and Liam who came 2nd in the Year 1 boys sprint finals.




Thanks to Kate Henry for all the action shots!


Wednesday, 14 November 2018


As part of our Fairy Tale Inquiry, we have been working with the Megan, Alison and Grayson the drama teachers. 
On Wednesday we were in the forest. We had to introduce ourselves by using different movements and patterns. We learnt how to move around using different levels - high, medium and low. Then we listened to: The Three Billy Goats Gruff ... 

Today we were in the hall.
We revised moving at different levels:

We moved around the hall like the three billy goats and the troll!


And then we performed the story ...

First the little billy goats went over the bridge .... Watch out for the trolls!

Then the middle size billy goats went over the bridge ... Watch out for the trolls!

Last of all the big billy goats went over the bridge ... Watch out trolls!

We all took a bow!
Well done everyone - you were awesome!

Saturday, 27 October 2018

A Visit From David Seymour

David Seymour has been a class favourite for a while - his 'turn' on Dancing With the Stars was a hit with everyone, especially Jack T, who would regularly give the class updates. We had lots of conversations about David's job, his car and how he works with Jacinda.

We decided to write to write to him and see if he would come to school and visit us ...

We got a reply and photo ...


It said ... David would love to come and he put our letters up in his electorate office!

So on Friday, David arrived. All the children were very excited. David spoke to them about his job, what he enjoyed doing at school when he was little, and he answered lots of questions.

Some of the questions were:
What's your favourite sport? Rugby.
What was your favourite subject at school? Maths and science.
How do you feel being the only ACT member in parliament? Has a lot of friends from other parties who he enjoys working with.
What was your favourite memory at school? Going on camps at his school - Manu Primary
Did you really build a car? Yes - started when he was 15 and finished it when he was 22!
Do you enjoy working with Jacinda? David has known Jacinda for a long time, and even though he doesn't agree with everything she says, he said it was important to listen to her point of view and still get on. Which is important attribute to have when you're a child and an adult. (A good lesson for the children!)

Mrs Hadlow popped in and took a selfie... (she was a big fan during DWTS)

After question time, it was off to Jump Jam ...

Catching up with Jack T and friends at morning tea.

And then a cup of tea and a chat in the staffroom ... 

After morning tea, he was swamped by the Year 6's who were very excited to see him. DS paitently stood there and signed autographs for 10 mins!

Then David Seymour was off to another meeting!

It was an awesome morning and we really loved having David in the classroom.
Thanks Jack for the inspiration! 

Monday, 3 September 2018

School Cross Country

We had fine weather for our cross country today.

All the Year 1's were very excited for their first ever race!

Well done to everyone who took part.


Especially the Room 12 boys who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd equal!


Well done Liam, Freddie and Henry.

                                      We are very proud of you!

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Father's Day Dad Descriptions

This week the children have been writing descriptions about their dad.
Wow, there are some pretty awesome dads in Room 12!
They also painted dad as well.

Whose dad is Ironman?
Whose dad likes to read on the couch?
Whose dad is as tall as a house? 
Whose dad is cheeky and plays video games?
Whose dad like to go to cafes and get a coffee?
Whose dad takes mum to the movies?
Whose dad .... well the list goes on - come into Room 12 and find out more about Dad.

Also the peacocks have come to roost in Room 12 ...


They look amazing in all their glittering glory!

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Coding in Room 12

Today Mr Des Forges came into Room 12 with a trolly full of ipad minis!
He show the class how to "code" using an app called Scratch Junior. (It's free!)
The children loved moving their character around the screen and changing the scenery.


In 2020 the new Digital Technology Curriculum will be put into place throughout NZ schools.
"It has been designed to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to become digitally capable individuals. There is a need for greater focus on our students building their skills so they can be innovative creators of digital solutions, moving beyond solely being users and consumers of digital technologies."
Ministry of Education.

I think our children are well on the way!