Thursday, 8 December 2016

Play Week

This was the play called Fearless.
Dulcie, Aidan, Sean, Dylan, Caitlin, Claudia and Max - this play was about a couple who weren't scared of anything except for a mouse!

The Three Little Pigs : Charlie, Emily, Alvin, Benjamin, Sophie and Hiroshi. 
The three little pigs were saved by a brick house!

The Best Fruit Shop in Town: Charlie, Alona, Zac and Maya
The shopkeeper had to deal with some very demanding customers and she sorted them all out so they were all happy!

The Clean House: Grace, Charlotte, Terrence, Luca and Sophie.
Terrence was getting worried as his uncle was visiting and his pets were being very messy!

We really enjoyed doing the plays in front of an audience (Room 9 and Room 4) It was a bit scary and we felt proud when they all clapped.

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