Tuesday, 19 September 2017

VAS Art Exhibition - Koru


Room 10’s focus has been the artwork of Hawke’s Bay artist Raewyn Harris. Raewyn’s koru art, has been the inspiration for our ink and pastel art. The koru’s well known spiral, representing the unfolding of new life and a national symbol of New Zealand, is a feature in the children’s work.


We studied korus in nature and practised drawing them. We then moved onto a smaller sample, thinking about spacing, size, position and the use of warm and cool colours. We used sharpies and pastels.

Now to the Main Event!
Using a larger circle, we thought about how we could improve on our first design. We thought about the size of the koru, its position, and colours. This time we could choose one koru to colour silver - cool colours and gold - warm colours, to add to our design.

End Result:
All children completed a stunning koru in warm or cool colours. The pictures were displayed in the hall, ready for the Art Exhibition.

Great job everyone! You should be very proud of your work!


  1. Great job Room 10 - your art is absolutely stunning! I would buy it if it was in an art gallery! I am at teacher from Hawke's Bay and saw your artwork on Facebook. Keep up the great learning about becoming an artist.

    1. Thanks Leigh,
      We're very proud of our work too!
      From Room 10

  2. Hi Room 10

    I was amazed when I have seen the kids' work.
    Thank you very much for all your great efforts.

    Hoda's mother

  3. Hi Waala,
    The children worked very hard and love the results!
    Mrs Orange